Heat Sinks in Electronics-An Overview

Heat Sinks are very important components in the field of electronics.  Heat sinks have enabled the designed of smaller electronic components and devices as they help remove heat more efficiently.  Heat in electronics is produced due to the flow of current.  As components become smaller and smaller, large amounts of heat have to be removed from smaller surfaces.  Natural methods of ventilation and cooling will not be effective in such situations. 

Hence, Heat sinks are required.  Heat sinks are metal objects designed to have large surface area.  They are cooled naturally or by means of forced air (using a fan).Heat Sink

The object from which the heat is to be removed such as a transistor or an integrated circuit is connected to a heat sink.  The connection is done by a special heat conducting paste. 

The heat flows from the component to the heat sink which dissipates the heat into the surrounding air.  In some other applications, special Peltier cooling plates are used to remove the heat.

Heat sinks are rated as �C/W -  The increase in temperature per watt of Energy.