Thermal Paste in Electronics-An Overview

Thermal Paste is used to bond an electronic component to a heat sink.  The thermal paste is designed to conduct heat effectively.  It is also an electrical insulator. The thermal paste has excellent adhesive properties.  When a two surfaces such as a CPU and the heat sink are brought into contact, there are imperfections.  These imperfections trap air bubbles and increase thermal resistance.  thermal paste

When a thermal paste is used, it ensures that these imperfections are filled and heat transfer is proper.

Thermal pastes are usually made of a silicone base and zinc oxide, silver or ceramic.

Once applied, the thermal compound solidifies.  The thermal paste can be removed later if required by using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Thermal paste is also known as Thermal grease.

The conductivity of the thermal matrix is indicated in watts/metre. kelvin