Additives in Fuel

Fuel additives are compounds used to enhance the quality and efficiency of the fuels. Sometimes, the additive is injected into the gasoline itself; at other times, the fuel additive is added from outside. The aim of fuel additives is to improve or maintain the optimum performance of the engines.

Fuel additives may boost the octane level of the gasoline. This helps the engine derive more power from the same amount of gas. This offers the ability to travel longer with the same amount of fuel.

Engine maintenance is another task of fuel additives. With these types of additives, the focus is on preventing the gathering of sludge and other unwanted deposits in different areas of the engine.

Because of lesser buildup of sludge in the lines and in the various moving parts on the motor, the
engine life is effectively prolonged.

Types of additives range wide and include metal deactivators, oxygenates, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.