Air Lift Pump

An Airlift pump is a pump with no mechanical parts.  It is used in applications where the medium is corrosive and not free flowing such as slurry or muddy water.

The pump has a simple construction.  It consists of a source of compressed air such as a cylinder or a compressor.  The compressed air is fed to the bottom of a vertical pipe which is immersed in the medium.

The pump works by mixing air with the muddy water or slurry.  This creates a region of less density which rises to the surface.  The high density material then enters the pipe.  The process continues.

The Air Lift pump is simple and reliable.  It is also cheap.    However, it cannot be used where high heads are required.  It is also less efficient than other types of pumps.

The Air lift pump can even pump liquds which contain solids suspended in them.