Noise in Pumps

Noise in Pumps occurs when the waves created by the impeller strike the casing.  This results in vibration of the casing causing the sound which we hear.  In addition, Noise can also come from vibration between the pump and the fittings such as pipes and clamps.

Cavitation Noise

This is caused when the bubbles formed in a low pressure region collapse when the pressure increases.  This causes a sharp, crackling noise.  This can also result in vibrations.

Noise and Vibration are critical parameters.  If the noise or vibration show any abnormal increase, they can cause damage to the pump components such as the impeller and can damage the pipelines.  Hence, it is necessary to monitor the noise and vibration.

Vibration Analysis of the pump will help decompose the vibration into specific frequencies.

These frequencies can be analyzed.  Specific frequencies may be related to specific causes.  This will help analyse the cause of the vibrations.