Incoloy Sheathed Electric Heaters

Incoloy is an special alloy.  It is used in high temperature applications and is known for its corrosion resistance.  Electric Heaters are sheathed with Incoloy as it offers corrosion protection at high temperatures.  The Incoloy sheath encloses the heating element such as nichrome.

Incoloy is composed of Nickel, Iron and Chromium.  There are small additions of Molybdenum and copper as well. 

Incoloy has excellent corrosion resistance properties.  It resists stress corrosion as well as localised pitting.  It is resistant to both reducing and oxidising acids. 

Such chemical resistance is required for electric heaters as the medium they will be heating can be corrosive.  Incoloy protects the heating elements from damage from corrosive media.