Industrial Electric Ovens-An Overview

Electric Ovens are used in industries to dry products.  They are an important part of many industrial processes.   industrial oven

Ovens are used for curing, for heat treatment, for drying and for many other industrial processes.

There are different types of ovens used in the industry such as Cabinet Ovens, Conveyor Ovens and Truck-In Ovens.

Ovens are categorized into Gravity Convection and Forced Air Circulation Models.  In Gravity Convection Ovens, air circulates within the ovens by means of convection.  In Forced Air circulation models, Air is drawn from the outside and circulated inside the furnace. 

Furnaces are available in a wide range of temperature ranges.  Furnaces are generally heated by an electric heating element.  The elements are made of materials such as nichrome.  Temperature Controllers regulate the temperature in the oven.