What is Enamelled Copper ? Where is it used ?

Enamelled Wire is a copper wire which has been coated with a layer of enamel.  The enamel serves as the insulation.  Enamelled copper wire is used to wind insulation. 

There are many types of enamels used to coat the winding.  Polyvinyl Acetal, Polyesterimide, polyester are some polymers which are used as the enamel coating in the wires.  The thickness of the coating depends on the voltage rating.  The enamelled copper is subjected to a Breakdown voltage test during manufacturing.

Enamelled Copper is also known as magnet wire.  Enamelled copper wires have high space saving factor.

Enamelled Copper wires should have good flexibility and conductivity.

The advantages of enamelled copper wires are the small size which enable easy winding.  They also have high conductivity and resistance to corrosion.