Reduced Voltage Starting in Motors

Reduced Voltage Starting in Motors refers to the practice of reducing the motor at a reduced voltage.  This is done to limit the heavy inrush current during starting.  The voltage is reduced by connecting resistors or reactors in series. 

Soft Starters can also be used to reduce the voltage during starting. 

The disadvantage of using reduced voltage starting in motors is that as the voltage is low during startup, the torque is also low at starting.  This method of starting may not be suitable for applications such as conveyors, lifts, etc which require the motor to start with the load. 

Types of Reduced Voltage Starters are

  1. Resistance Starters
  2. Reactance Starters
  3. Autotransformer Starters
  4. Soft Starters
  5. Star Delta Starters