Afterburners for Pollution Control

An afterburner is a device which reduces pollution by oxidizing the harmful constituents of the exhaust gas such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) at high temperature to form carbondioxide and water.  Afterburners are used in industries and in equipments such as incinerators.

In an afterburner, the harmful gases of an industrial process are driven into a burner by means of a powerful blower.  The high temperature of the burner causes the molecules of the pollutants to breakdown into simpler compounds like carbondioxide and water.

The gases are then led to the chimney where they are released into the atmosphere.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is another variant of the afterburner in which the heat used to decompose the molecules of the Volatile Organic Compounds is retrieved from the exhaust gas itself.