SuperAlloys - An Overiew

Superalloys are alloys which can withstand very high temperatures.  They have good mechanical strength even at high temperatures and can resist creep.

The basemetals used in superalloys are usually iron, nickel or cobalt.  Aluminium or Titanium are added to the alloys. Metals lose their strength as the temperature increases.  However, superalloys retain their mechanical properties even at temperatures up 70 percent of their melting points.  Superalloys are used in spacecrafts and in aircraft jet engines. 

Superalloys can also be developed as single crystals. 

Oxidation of the superalloysalloys is a concern at high temperatures. To prevent this, a layer of oxide is allowed to form at the surface.  This layer of oxide prevents further oxidation. 

Superalloys can be processed in a number of methods such as investment casting, sintering, directional solidification, single crystal growth, etc.