Diamond based Thermal Compounds for IC Heat Sinks

Diamond based thermal compounds are used in ICs to transfer heat to the heat sink for dissipation.  Diamond has very high thermal conductivity even greater than that of silver.  This makes this ideal for heat conducting pastes.

The heat generated should be conducted and safely dissipated to the outside environment. This is done using heat sinks.  The heat sink is mounted on the IC.  The  heat conducting compound is applied between the heat sink and the IC. 

Diamond based thermal compounds are used in circuits where a large amoung of heat is generated.  24 carat micronized diamonds are added to thermal grease along with diamond particle loadings.  This makes it an extremely efficient thermal conducting material.

Integrated Circuits developed large amounts of heat during operation.  This is particularly high in large scale integrated circuits, where thousands of components are crowded within a small area.