Airbags - An Overview

During an accident, airbags inflate very quickly. Airbags are the key components in automotive safety systems, and, they soften the impact of collisions by keeping passengers from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, front glass, and other parts of the automobile.

Airbags are made of stretchable fabrics or other materials that are tightly packed in various locations throughout your vehicle. Airbags are at the front of the dashboard in most cars, and many vehicles also have airbags on sides as well.

These bags are compressed and kept in tiny areas. During an accident, the airbags fill up with air very quickly to offer cushioning system for the people in the car so that they do not collide with car parts in the event of a crash.

The success of the airbag system depends on the crash sensors. There is also an inflator that offers an explosion of nitrogen gas, filling up the airbag during a crash.