Clutch in Automobiles

Mechanical car clutches are devices for engaging and disengaging two moving parts of a shaft and a driving mechanism. A clutch assembly consists of five major components:

1. The clutch flywheel
The clutch flywheel is connected to the engine crankshaft and it spins with the engine’s motions.

2. The clutch pressure plate
Bolted to the clutch flywheel is the clutch pressure plate. It has two jobs: to hold the clutch assembly together and to release tension, allowing assembly to rotate freely.

3. The clutch disc
Between the flywheel and the pressure plate is the clutch disc. The clutch disc has friction surfaces similar to a brake pad, allowing for smooth engagement and disengagement.

4. and 5. The throw-out clutch bearing and release system
These components work together and are key to the engaging and disengaging process.
The clutch helps the engine get disconnected from the wheels, thereby stopping it.