Anti Rust Treatment

Anti rust treatment or Rustproofing is the prevention or delaying of rusting of iron and steel objects, or the permanent protection against corrosion.

 Typically the protection is done by a process of surface finishing or treatment. Depending on mechanical wear or environmental conditions, the degradation is not permanent, unless the process is periodically repeated. The term is used frequently in the automobile industry.

In the factory, automobiles are protected with unique chemical formulations, which typically are phosphate conversion coatings. Some firms first galvanize a part or all of the automobile’s body before the primer coat of paint is applied.

If a car has a chassis, it and its attachments must also be anti-rust treated. Paint is the final part of the anti-rust treatment of barrier between the body shell and the atmosphere.

Aftermarket kits are also available that apply rustproofing compounds both to external surfaces and inside enclosed sections, for example sills/rocker panels etc.